Bob Mischka

VIEWING PHOTOS Click on the category (Sports, Equines, etc.) of photo and then on the venue (game, show, etc.) you want. After these 2 clicks you should be looking at a Gallery of photos. Photos in each gallery are sorted alphabetically. If the file name includes the person's first name, as in most of these galleries, the photos are sorted alphabetically by the person's first name.

PURCHASING PHOTOS You can purchase photo(s) by selecting the photo you want with a click and then clicking on the green BUY button in the corner of the new screen. Prints are made at a lab in California and shipped directly to you. I receive an e-mail telling me about your order but I do not see the prints before they are sent to you. If you are ever unhappy about the prints you receive please let me know and give me the opportunity to make a print that you like, or to refund your money. Your satisfaction is important to me. I tend to "fill the frame" when shooting equine photos. The "frame" or sensor is a ratio of 4x6. This means that if you want an 8x10 print for a scene where I have filled a 4x6 (or 8x12) space you will have to crop off some of the scene at one or both ends. To avoid this cropping you might consider ordering an 8x12 instead of an 8x10. This is especially true with equine photos shot from the side.

CONTACT INFORMATION I usually send an e-mail to the appropriate coaches and parents whenever I upload a new batch of photos from a game or meet to my website, whenever some photos appear on the Banner (, or whenever photos appear in the Whitewater Register. If you aren't getting these e-mails and would like them please let me know your e-mail address. Please contact me by phone, e-mail or regular mail if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments.

My contact information is: Bob Mischka

N8231 Esterly Rd,  Whitewater WI 53190

(262) 473 5595